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Whether you are in high school, returning to or currently enrolled in college, or planning to attend graduate school, The Scholarship Workshop web site and the resources referenced such as Winning Scholarships for College and 10 Steps for Using the Internet in Your Scholarship Search will show you the path to scholarship success. As you explore our resources, you`ll see that rigorous research efforts, involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership potential, special talents and hobbies, and geographic location all combine to determine your chances of getting college scholarships.

The following are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start early – Many of the largest scholarship programs have deadlines in the fall or early January and February. Students shouldn’t wait until they actually get accepted to the school of their dreams to apply for college scholarships. In fact, they don’t even have to wait until senior year. They can get college scholarships as early as age 6. Likewise students already in college or returning to college should start the college scholarship search process early. Don’t wait until the college bills actually arrive. An early fall or summer start is important for you too.


  • Participate! Participate! Participate! – One of the best ways to stand out among a crowd of other scholarship applicants is through participation in activities beyond the classroom. Students should strive to be well-rounded and get involved in several meaningful activities. A leadership role in some of the activities is also important. Even if you’re a non-traditional student, looking to get adult scholarships participation is still important. Being the volunteer soccer coach for your son or daughter’s team, PTA president, walk-a-thon participant, or even a member of your church choir also count as activities beyond the classroom.


  • Don’t consider limits – Applying for two or three of the largest scholarships is not enough. The scholarship application cycle can be long. If students apply for a few large scholarships and wait to see if they win them before applying for others, they can miss out on other scholarship opportunities. If students prepare an application package that includes two compelling essays and a student résumé, they should be well-prepared for applying for every scholarship they find that they are eligible for and is legitimate.


  • Perfect essays – Scholarship essays should reflect more than the information included in a student résumé or transcript. They should highlight and explain extracurricular activities and reveal how specific activities may have impacted them or positively affected someone else. Refer to our guide on writing scholarship essays for further information or register for The Scholarship and College Essay Writing Boot Camp.


Make sure you reference Winning Scholarships for College and The Scholarship & College Essay Planning Kit for more winning scholarship strategies to help you find and win scholarships. Also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of new scholarships and other information to help you win scholarships.

Each of the online classes show you not only where to look for scholarships, but also how to win them once you find them. They range from a 3 hour in-depth kick start of the process in The Scholarship Boot Camp; to a shorter 90 minute overview online session in The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents and the Scholarship, Fellowship & Grant Information Session for Students Already in College, Returning to College, and Pursuing Graduate School.

We look forward to having you join us in cyberspace for an online class or boot camp!

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